Thursday, June 6

Tree Skirt

With the machine out to do the bags, I was inspired to do a little more. Spotlight recently had 30% off and when I was getting the plastic for the bags, I also picked up this drill. I wanted a skirt but something a bit different than the standard A line which I always have. One of the ladies in B Inspired had an interesting cut on her skirt and with that in my head I saw a burda pattern discard which I could adapt.

It has a yolk with a v front but when its on you cannot tell. There are four pieces to the front and back with a centre seam. Each seam goes out like an aline, but then returns back in - giving some puffiness to the skirt at this point. The pattern I had (which I now cant even find) was very short. It finished mid thigh. I added a good four or so inches to the length and also changed the volume point to be at the end of the pattern. Really happy with how it came out. It is modern and graphic without being too much.

Styled up - this is how I wore it and got comments in a number of shops - which is always flattering. Love my grey boots- they are extra long and go right up behind my knee.

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