Saturday, June 8

The Runner Incident.

I got some much needed one on one time with my fashionista Spencer today. He can sometimes let the bustle of the family competition hold him back - and today he was like a different child. My realisation that he needed this became evident last night.

We went out as a family to the shops after school last night. There was no sporting activities on and we had to pick up the big squirrels car from the mechanic. (!) We hit Chaddy with no specific goal in mind, but maybe some runners for Benji.

We browsed happily. Spencer was happy to look at things and be aspirational about clothes and toys. However, when we got to Benji getting runners and Spencer not getting anything, the stuff really hit the fan. It didn't help that they are really cool runners - his previous ones had a hole in them. Spencer thought them to be much cooler than his recently acquired runners. Benji really wasn't helping the situation by tap dancing in exuberation though the store. The harder Spence cried, the more extreme the dancing got. I get it - he was happy with the shoes, but in a way he was happier that Spencer didn't have any and it was certainly driving that message home.

In some consolation, Spencer got a notebook and a pencil. Hardly runners, but I didn't need a big spend just to make it through some food and to the car.

The next day we set off - just Spence and I (with his notebook and pencil) to purchase the Fox Sweater which was on the top of his list. 
Apparently easier said than done. We ended up travelling to Brighton to get it in his size as it was a May release. While we did manage to get the jumper, and he was very happy and looks really good it in - we had a lovely time together- both shopping and driving. It was a real opportunity for him to talk - if he wanted and me to take the time to listen. We did some of our school stuff, but it was really nice to wander hand in hand and just be.

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