Friday, June 21

Baby visiting

 I got a chance to visit Baxter today. The big squirrel dropped me off as parking is very expensive, and Benji decided he would like to come (apparently Spencer also wanted to come but didn't tell me in time so spent the next half hour in tears in the car).
 While a little apprehensive about the little baby, Benji was intreguied and wanted a cuddle. His darling big brother Archie is so incredibly in love and protective of his newest sibling. He is so good it just melts your heart. Here he is explaining to Benji about the fontanel and also that when you hold them you have to protect his neck because there are no muscles there yet. Just gorgeous. Both big brothers were just divine with him (That will only last til he nicks their stuff Nay!) and of course Mum is cruising round the room looking fabulous and like nothing major had happened! Made it look easy.
 Benji was very proud that he got his cuddle and we said our goodbyes and headed out for dinner in Richmond.
We had Thai and the boys were all very adventurous.

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