Saturday, June 22

The best day ever! said the 6 year old

 Cold and early start but it was off to Auskick again. This week both Benji and Spencer got their best listener awards. i missed the presentation as I had to take Xandy to basketball where they came back from 16 to 4 down, to be 18 all, and lose it with a last minute goal. It was an exciting game.

Then a quick lunch of hotdogs and it was off to another game of footy. The twins were playing in the half time match at a local under 18s game. We watched the match and while I watched it for a bit, my mind wandered off to the future - looking at the big boys who were all still under 18 and imagining three big smelly boys lying on my couches and just eating! Quick - out from that nightmare and back to current reality -
 were they are still cute! They had a lovely time out there with their mates.

Then it was back in the car and down to Merricks where we were treated to a divine Solstice celebration! Inside the fires were crackling and dinner was being prepared. We were spoiled with beef on the spit with potatoesbeans and corn. The kids dragged themselves away from playing to eat a sausage and then it was on.

The fire was all stacked ready and with a little help from the petrol (!) it was alight. The kids are happily calling it a Bomb Fire! It was big and lit up the dark night is a soft firey glow.

When the fire is being stocked with a tractor, we felt it was a little big to cook marshmellows at, so the smores were made inside and we enjoyed delicious self saucing pudding! Thanks to the Demspter girls for a lovely night!

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