Sunday, June 9

On a roll

With the machine out and a little inspiration, I am a sewing machine - pun intended.
Last night I spread out my 'current' fabrics. These are the ones that I intend to sew rather than the bargains I pick up just to add to the stash. Big difference. As I was saying, I spread them out and let them talk to me. Sometimes the picture of what they need to be is clear from the time of purchase. This was true for the gold brocade that at $7 (bargain) was always going to be a short skirt. Lucky because I only had 70cm of it.

Others can change. This pink and red floral is a stretch cotton and I had initially thought it would be a dress. However the success of my recent balloon style skirt made me want to do another version of that.  So the design changed.

I also had some scrap ponte that I whipped up into a little straight skirt to wear over leggings when I walk to school. Nothing too fancy just a little fabric for a little dignity. Fair exchange.

I saw the gold fabric earlier in the year at Spotlight on special and one of the groovy mums has this awesome gold skirt that she had worn to school that I had to have. Don't think I could pull it off at school like she does - but inspirational none the less. I also saw this post on the Handmakers Factory. I hadn't looked at this since March and it is funny how your mind changes things. I was certain these were pleated tulip skirts but they are very a-line. Something that would have suited me much better but its done now!

I used a skirt pattern with a waist band and front pleat. I made the bottom a 16 with the waist a 12 so there was extra fullness in the pleat and the dart. I also sewed it on the wrong side so that the gold was richer. The other way looked a little beige. I lLove the pockets and properly styled think it is really cute. At least the fabric is sewn up now!

I love the fabric of this skirt and I love the style. On it looks a bit balloony - with the fullness around the knee and then coming in a little lower. It isn't a classic balloon skirt - just has a bit of that look. Sorry about the truly tragic photo here - it can only look better on! The yolk is fitted and it is slim down to my saddlebags and keeps going on that angle.  I have no idea what I will wear with it - but I love it. Not sure of its seasonality - may have to wait until summer, but none the less - its a beauty. It is similar to my tree skirt from the other day - I say similar because I am reworking a base pattern and I make it a little different each time. I freestyle the pattern.

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