Friday, February 22

a bit of everything

It has been a full on week round these parts. Lots of things to do and lots of things on my mind. Infact today I can say one of those things is a little reduced. Our tax was seriously in arrears and to say it was a big worry was an understatement. Some hard work and late, very late, nights meant that I sat like a highly organised client in front of my accountant today (for a good three hours). But it was worth every minute - even hearing the same stories about his footy career when he was 7 that I heard 2 weeks ago was worth smiling through just to get the ATO from sniffing round our door. So I can sit here tonight a little easier knowing now they they are only chasing us for money!

With this in mind, the afternoon was non less relentless. It was hot - humid. The kids were tired but one little boy had to get to karate. A rushed MOTY (mother of the year (not!)) stitched on an overdue badge onto the karate suit and if I had not done that this little boy would not have received his tag (award) and be happy at the school picnic to which he was hurriedly ferried. 
nor would he have climbed poles so enthusiastically!
apparently play grounds are not challenging enough.
The big squirrel was in charge of feeding and watering the children at the picnic as I was otherwise engaged. It was a social night at school with a fundraising sausage sizzle. Previously we have hired people to entertain the kids but the night was running at a loss which isn't very effective fundraising - so in what must have been a drunken stupor we all agreed to help and I was in charge of the craft tables.

Not terribly flattering photos but you can see how busy I was with kids beading elastic bracelets and I had to tie a knot to start and then tie them off when they were finished. It was free but all the kids loved it - we thought it would only be the girls but I reckon we actually had more boys there. Infact could be a good fundraising stall (for someone else to run) There was also play do and card making/sticker craft on another table. 
It was all fun and the night was a great success. A good turn out an everyone seemed to go home happy. My day had been so busy that food was really a secondary thought. Not only was I hot, tired and hungry - I was soothing these feelings with a little cup of wine that a few good mates kept filling up!! Needless to say I was experiencing the inverse relationship between my blood alcohol level and my fine motor skills - and therefore collecting lots of beads off the ground!!
So glad today is O V E R!

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