Saturday, February 23

Quillow - including how to!

The twins had another birthday party to go to today. I firmly believe that they should each give a present as they are invited individually to the party. Anyway while my principles are firmly in this camp, my wallet and imagination are not always keeping up.

This is my latest gift that I thought I would share. I made a personalized Quillow. A what?? It is both a quilt or blanket and a pillow or cushion.

Here's how I did it. First I purchased a polarfleece blanket from Dimmeys. It is called coral fleece or minky - extra fluffy on one side - absolutely no natural fibres. You know the stuff. The blanket was single bed size and set me back $7. It was all edged and I couldn't have bought the fabric for that. 
 Then I appliqued his initial on using this technique. My thinking was as a Collingwood Football Supporter he may want to take it to a game so I kept it in black and white and just did his initials so no crazy collingwood fans would be yelling out his name.

I had planned to make a bag out of the same contrast fabric - an oldie from Ikea, when the idea of the Quillow struck me. It is not my idea, I have just dragged it out of the late 80's! Sew a double sided pocket onto the back of the blanket - like this....
 And then fold up the blanket and put it into the pocket and you have a cushion!! This is one side and the other one is.....
 The same as the blanket!!
 Makes it easy for storage, but also great to take to football because you can either sit on it and if the day turns sour, then wrap yourself in it. I have also found it really nice to put your feet into the pocket which stops your feet getting cold.

I was terribly pleased with myself whipping this all up in between basketball (where they whipped the other team 25 to 2), a play date and the actual party. What I did omit was any instructions to the birthday boy that this was actually a 2 for 1 Quillow and how to open it out, rather than just a naf looking cushion. Text has been sent to mum - hope she understands.

And for all of you (3) that now want to go out an make your own Quillow, I spent ages at the kids craft table creating not only instructions how to make your own Quillow, but also how to fold it.


  1. Love it! The older cherub has a boys party in a couple of weeks- what the hell does a woman with 2 little twirly girls know about boys? So you've saved the day Mrs Squirrel!