Friday, February 15


It has been hot and humid round these parts and our humble little 'pool' has been getting quite a workout. It isn't very big but the kids can essentially swim in it. As a result their water confidence has greatly improved as has their ability.
This week, the G4+ were invited to try out for the interschool swim team and Xandy wanted to try. He is a good but not great swimmer. Some kids just have a natural elegance to their swimming and others have to try harder. Last Friday was the first heats and he was really deflated as a couple of kids dominated the pool. After some eleventh hour miracle(??) he was allowed to try again today. I also found out that I could watch. This is a much better way to get a true understanding of events as he is incredibly hard on himself.
So the trials are off with a small group of kids that look like freaking olympic athletes. The six packs some of these kids are sporting is incredible not to mention the times some of them are swimming.
My boy is not the fastest swimmer, nor the prettiest, but by far he is the gutsiests. He was one of three to try out for butterfly. He was in the middle, between two strong, beautiful swimmers. To his credit, he kept up with them and wasn't jumping off the bottom of the pool. He did 50m butterfly in a reasonable time with kids a year older than him. Irrespective of winning and all that, I just want to give him a shout out for getting in there and having a go. Its a lot more than most people would do. Well done Bud, I am very proud of you.

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