Friday, February 1

Long Long Day

Its been a long day today. Lots of sitting around. Some good, some not good. Both cost money - some more than others.

The first long was a long overdue trip to the accountant. There was a fair bit of work prior to this visit, and of course not as much got done as I had hoped. That accountant of mine likes a chat - about? well just about ANYTHING!! I sat there for over three hours and had to keep steering HIM back on track - Geez!
I rushed home from there, over an hour in the car, run inside for a quick wee and grab the big kid and take him off to the city. We had a date in at IMAX to see the Hobbit in 3D.

He got the book for Christmas and we read it over the holidays. The plan was to read it before we saw the movie. Little did I know that the 300 page CHILDREN'S book was being made into not 1 but 3 yes 3 movies. 
I read the book with him and can I say that there is barely enough content in this book for one movie let alone 3. The movie proved this. It was pretty much word for word to the book. Of course there are always some minor changes that they make to make an interesting story. Especially if you are working with the first 100 pages of a CHILDREN'S book, you need to create a bit of a climax and a hero. It is always those minor changes which niggle at me the most. Those totally unnecessary ones. Like in the Hunger Games the story behind the pin or in this one of the dwarves didn't have a beard but had perfectly manicured stubble the whole time? Seriously - the little dude is meant to be 100 - young for a dwarf but not like he should be on the Disney Channel. 

Anyway - movie review. Cinema at IMAX is awesome. We saw it in 3D so it was really an experience. And we got our moneys worth of that experience. The movie went for 3 hours. 180 minutes. Thats 1 minute and 48 seconds for each page of the book. Yes, I was doing these calculations in the cinema because I probably wasn't as engaged as one would hope to be. Xandy - enjoyed it and it brought the book to life for him. He is now keen to step into the Lord of the Rings territory which I fear may be to geek-ified for me. No offence, but sci-fi doesn't really do it for me. Maybe thats one he can do on his own when he's older?
A long day coupled with no lunch nor dinner - 'cept a handful or two of salty popcorn didn't leave me too sparkling!!

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