Thursday, February 28

a bit old school

Cigarette cards of exercises from 1918-1940

I am not really a fan of change. As a proud creature of habit, I do my pilates twice a week and it is now part of my routine and I liked it that way. 

I stumbled on this studio about 3.5 years ago to address the separation in my stomach from the twins. It has greatly improved and over the years I have got stronger and started to reshape my body - paricularly in the last year when I increased from one to two sessions.

So, why the whinge today. Change of course - and I don't think I like it. Normally the small group 2-4 people gets an individual program and the teacher works one on one with each person. You cant get away with Anything! This week one class was a mat class and taught by Mr Flexibility. He had that long lean body - like a yogi and set a cracking pace for the class. Not only was the pace up, but the exercises were hard and real old school. We didn't quite strengthen our wrists like this (above) but almost. 

On top of that all the hard work I have done in relation to relaxing and not trying too hard flew right out the window. Pilates is meant to be all about lightness of movement and core strength, but my competitive nature kicked in and I had to be able to do all the hard exercises like him - I just didn't do them right and as a result am still hurting today. (not injured just stupid)
It was fine as a one off, a bit of a challenge, but then I found out that this is a more permanent change. Hurumf. Now I either have to reorganise my schedule or put up with it. 

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