Saturday, February 9

Applique - a quick how to

One of the things we have a lot of and need a lot of is PJs. The kids don't like the shirt style and prefer to sleep in a tshirt with either shorts or pants dependant on the season. I always decorate the tshirt to match otherwise it just ends up in the tshirt drawer never to be seen again. One of the quickest and easiest ways I find is with machine applique.

Materials -
tshirt - I just buy commercial ones from Kmart or Target for under $56
Fabric for applique - in this case a panel from Dr Seuss Lorax cotton
Vlisofix - from Spotlight etc usually behind the counter. It is an iron on double sided sticky film.
Also you will need an iron

1. Cut the vlisofix to side. Make sure you keep the film connected to the paper otherwise you will end up with a big mess on your iron.
 2. Onto the wrong side of your fabric, place the vlisofix rough side down and press with a hot iron. I always put some scrap fabric or an old tea towel to protect myironing board at this point. The sticky film will make a mess over future ironing.
 3. Cool slightly and remove the paper from the back of your project. Your fabric should have a matt coating of glue now.

4. Position your fabric where you want it on your tshirt. Then secure the image with the iron. The heat bonds the glue so the image and tshirt are now stuck together.
 5. Finish the edges with some machine stitches. I use a blanket stitch in a contrasting colour but a zig zag could also work. The applique doesn't require pins as it is stuck, but the edges still may fray so this is decorative as well as stopping the fabric fraying.
 6. Then you have a finished garmet. This little set is off to a friend for his birthday tomorrow.

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