Thursday, February 7

Mum's Taxi

 For years I have failed to see the point of those little yellow signs mothers found compelled to hang in the back window of their car. You know the ones - Mum's Taxi. I don't know what about it offended me - maybe that I kind of thought that was mums job to run your kids around. Now that my kids are all at an age where they need running around and dropping at places I kind of get it.

Up til now my social life has been about them - particularly the twins, and if they were invited anywhere, it was assumed that I would also be there. Now they are six, no probably as soon as school started, this no longer seems to be the case. There is a lot of dropping and picking up - with a whole lot of nothing in between.

School back up and running this week and all of the associated activities, I have as a result seen a lot of the inside of the car. Both Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of multiple drop offs and pick ups and nights out for me, so by Thursday when there was school pick up for 2, karate drop off, fencing pick up, party drop off, karate pick up and party pick up all before 6:30, you may understand not only why my bum did not leave the couch and, two, I see some amusement in those signs.

Don't worry - I am not out on my way to get me one. In fact I wouldn't even know where you buy them, but I think the schedule needs to settle a little.

And before you ask - Fencing????? I know sounds a little ostentatious but it is actually a free after school activity for term one. This was their first lesson - the only instruction I heard was "Don't whack each each other with them. Its not tennis. Stab.Stab!"....stab, stab??

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