Tuesday, February 19

Good Day/Bad Day

Today was a total roller coaster day. Every good thing was followed by an equally bad thing.

Good: Walk to school and have lovely chat with boys. Really pleasant.

Bad: Assist with walk to pool for G4's. So hot perspiration covers entire body.

Good: Xandy's teacher who is happy to talk about his progress while at swimming pool ( as parent teacher nights cancelled due to industrial action)

Bad: Went to Chadstone to exchange shorts that didn't fit Xandy only to find no more in stock and end of line.

Good: In Target found a whole lot of bargains and headed to the check out with 3 cotton jumpers for me, a pair of heels, and two pairs of shorts for Xandy - totalling a whopping $50.

Bad: At Target checkout - no credit card.

Good: No abnormal spending on my card and put a hold on it.

Bad: No access to any money as all tied up on this one card.

Good: Back track and ring around to find card handed in at Springvale Ikea

Bad: Visit Springvale Ikea to find out that my card has been destroyed for security. Pretty sure thats not designed to protect me from spending money at Ikea. Apparently their policy is to destroy it 24 hours after it being handed in - but I didn't even know it was missing at that point. When I called it was already destroyed, just the guy I spoke to didn't know.

Good: Two free Ikea dinner vouchers...

Bad: ..or so we thought until we looked at the sad offerings left in the windows at 8:15 on a monday night.

Good: Card classified as 'damaged' and the same card is being 'reissued' so now I don't need to learn a new number!!

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