Thursday, February 14

Valentine Day Strike

I am not on strike for Valentines Day - however it was 18 years ago today that the big squirrel and I became engaged and we did sweet f.a. to acknowledge that fact today. No it was our hard working and underpaid government teachers that were out on strike. While I support their plight, and understand that they have to do whatever they can to fight for the cause - I have to say I am getting a little  over the inconvenience of it all. 
 So instead of school we headed off to Emerald Lake to celebrate Eloise's birthday.
 A little picnic
 Saw Puffing Billy - and had a sit but no ride on it
 And then the weather cleared up perfect for a swim in their lake/pool.
It really was a lovely day - so away from it all with heaps to do in terms of bike tracks. play equipment etc. Worth a visit.

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