Tuesday, February 26

More from the bottom of the ironing basket - another pattern review

I did all my ironing last night - yes ALL of it and found at the very bottom this dress which I made a couple of weeks ago but hadn't pressed so it was lingering there where it could have been out enjoying the weather. It is a light weight knit - more like a crepe than a heavy knit amd has the eiffel tower all over it. It came from Darn Cheap again -I had admired it for ages but it didn't speak to me. When the price dropped to $2, I had to have some but I still wasn't sure how to use it and then I thought of this dress - mainly because I have the 3 meters needed.
Unlike yesterday's review - this vogue pattern V8784 is a current pattern. Mum has made the straight version in a knit - however it is not a knit specific pattern. The only alterations I made to this was to get rid of the belt. Even on a wrap dress it has a tendency to make me look like a sack of potatoes, so I simply sew the sides together at the waist. Then I can accessorise with any belt.
The pleats at the waist work and sit really well as do the fitting lines at the back. The cap sleeves are doubled so they are really easy to put in. As you can see I didn't line it as the pattern suggests. I simply finished all of the raw edges with a twin needle - including the hem. 
 You can see the skirt is really full which hides all those  bits.
Another glamour shot from my tiny bathroom but you get the idea.

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  1. I am thinking about making a wrap dress with a border print fabric. Does this have a straight or a rounded hemline at the bottom? Thanks!