Sunday, February 3

in the swim

Xandy has decided he wants to try out for the school swim team. He can swim but he's not pretty. The best bit is he wants to have a go which is cool. I wanted him to get in some swimming practice in a long pool so he at least knew what he was up for. So we all went up to the local YMCA for a swim and it was really fun.
I was swimming laps with Xandy and the big squirrel was with the twins. The last time I went swimming - as in laps etc was back when he was a baby so it would be a good 8 or more years ago.
I also dont have any swimming bathers. I had a pair that I made about 20 years ago - no really they must be about that old. While they still fit (they stretch) the body has aged a bit in 20 years and there are bits that people shouldn't see. Lets just cast your mind back to the early 90's fashion. Bodysuits with high waisted and belted jeans. There were also some coloured jeans back then. I think gym fashion was lycra tights with a leotard over the top? Are you there? Back in those days there was nothing hipster - everything was about the waist. Thats about where the legs of my bathers were cut to. Seriosuly. Not a good look. Of course I didn't go out like that. People wear goggles in the pool - I didn't need ot scar them for life. I wore a bikini bottom over the top - but there were still little hip cutouts poking over the top!

I can tell you don' believe them to be that bad. Think its all in my mind? I went off to do the grocery shopping and when I got back the big squirrel and twins had bought me a present. Lovely! New speedo bathers. Really it is a lovely thought and gesture and they are great bathers that fit really well. Wonder what triggered that idea??

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  1. nice togs... but seriously, don't they want you out in public with your superhero pants over your bathers?!?!? x