Friday, March 1

My creative space

I have a few projects on the go at the moment - but nothing finished to report.
 I started this dress above last night. The fabric is very sheer and needs a lining so I have had a bit of a go at a seperate lining so an not to change the fall of the fabric.

This dress V8870 is what I am making out of the red but I have made a M and it may be a little big. Needs hems and topstitching to finish but I am worried it my need to much 'styling' for it to be wearable and than may be too much trouble. Still a work in progress. 

This dress got tossed aside due to a visit to Darn Cheap - the back room. I have always dreamed of getting in there but they are mid season and don't actually have much. It wasn't the aladdin's cave I've dreamt it would be. 

I did get some grey ponte (at retail price!) in order to start this project - Vogue V8848. 

I had some stretch pleather which I had bought for bindings, sleeves etc or for a bag. Now it is going to be the front panel of this dress. The sides are going to be the black grey. I think it will be great for winter. Now to finish it.....

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