Monday, March 25


I think I may have found my calling. No really.

A girlfriend asked me to help her buy some pants. She works outside a major shopping centre and I was planning to meet her for a lunch time shop. The brief was to increase her work wardrobe - smart casual - within a very limited budget.

I got there early and started to browse. I started in Myer and there was literally nothing. She is bigger than a 14 and if money were no object I would still honestly say that there was nothing there to spend our money on. It was then I realised my mission had really begun.

I was now shopping with purspose. Going into every shop - especially ones she would never go in. I found some really helpful assistants and I was running from shop to shop putting aside clothes to try on. All she needed to do was arrive, try and buy or not buy. Easy really. And I was having fun - all by myself. Tragic really.

I was in full swing when she met me. I was actually in Millers. She didn't even know where that was, let alone been in to buy things before.  To me, with our brief, it was a little goldmine. They have a  large range of sizes, good basics and cheap prices. If you can block out the barrage of bright nylon prints and the sheer mass of items you can find the black stretch bengaline pants.

I didn't try anything on. I didn't spend any money. She bought a black pair of ponte trousers, quality leggings, 2 trouser and a casual skirt. All for $130. We also found some other pieces for the next trip.

I really had a good time. I was there to get sizes, say yay or nay and broaden her horizons to try on those things that look awful on the hanger, but you end up loving. Getting her to look beyond what is in fashion to find what suits her body. They always say you should do what you love. I really loved this - but how do you get paid to do it?? That is the big question.

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