Monday, March 4

Easy Handmade Gift #1- Glass Beaded Bracelet

 March/April sees a cluster of my girlfriends celebrate birthdays and I like to give them handmade gifts.
The first will receive this lovely beaded bracelet made by Benji!

I was inspired by my recent craft table experience at school that I pulled out my box of beads for the kids to play with. I have quite a collection of glass beads and Benji chose these yellow ones.

Project Materials 
  • Approx 25 cm or 1/4 meter elastic. I prefer corded hat elastic as it is stronger than the rubber elastic especially when working with glass beads. It comes in black or white.
  • Beads of your choice.

I tie a bead on the end of the thread to stop the creation from falling off (from one end at least) and cut it off when finished. Then simple thread your beads and tie a double knot at the end. I twist the beads so as to hide my knot in one of the beads. This always looks neater.

Different beads but same technique. This one has a decorative silver spacer. 

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