Tuesday, March 12

Work in Progress pattern review V8848

I mentioned that I was working on making a new dress using this pattern. 

The Australian Winter fashions have just launched and there is a sea of faux leather - a trend that I am ready to jump on board. I am not talking about a head to toe pleather  outfit, I really like the way it is being mixed with other fabrics so with this in mind set out to make the dress above in my faux leather from Darn Cheap.
Really putting myself out there today with some really dodgy shots here to highlight the problems. Putting it next to the model in the dress really does wonders for ye old self esteem!
I digress. I snapped these shots to send to mum for advice. I knew I needed alterations but wanted a second opinion. 
You can see some puckering in the pleather around my chest but the main issue is where the band hits my hips. It is even worse at the back. 

See all that wrinkling above my bum - I am sure the model doesn't have that.
The body of the dress it too long for me and if I lift it all up - probably about an inch most of these problems should disappear. The band on the model is at her high hip, whereas mine drags across my timmy, altering the fall of skirt. There is no shoulder seam in this dress as there is a yolk piece, but I am simply going to add one in the grey ponte. This should fix the problem.

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