Friday, March 22

Honey I shrunk the...

At the art supply shop for some paper for a future project, I got a little sidetracked.
I have seen shrinky plastic projects on pinterest but never seen the product in Australia, until now.
With nothing in mind to make, the internet became an image source.
First I traced a 1940 squirrel light for a brooch with a black sharpie.
Then I brought out my cutters - a 1" circle, the 3" butterfly. I trialled pencils and sharpies with various patterns.

A quick stint in the oven. I love the instant gratification. They shrink so much but get so strong.

Another go with a bit more focus. With 2" and 1" cutters circles for pendants and earrings. I worked with a woodgrain style pattern.

I think with a bit of leather and earring backs these could be a great little gift.

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