Saturday, March 30

Traditional Pressure

Back in 2010 we started a new family tradition of Easter PJ's. The weather was getting cooler and the winter pjs packed away for a good 6 months in which the boys usually had grown out of the old ones. It is also a day, similar to christmas where they are photographed in jammies.




Yes I did get them done but not without a bit of pressure. I was settling down from a busy day to watch Shrek with the kids only to have them remind me of their lack of new pj's. It had crossed my mind. I had even bought the tshirts at Big W and found the fabric out of the stash but there the activity had stopeed. That is until 7:30 last night. 

The pants are a simple pattern with no side seam and they were quickly whipped up on the overlocker. The elastic was a simple case and as you can see below - there is no hem as yet. I ran them across the grain to fit the three pairs in. 

The matching t-shirts took a little longer but thankfully the creative gods were on my side.
Cut with vinyl on my silhouette I designed them with Xandy's help. The font is cracked and the guitar is from windings.
In short - write, add guitar, alter guitar for spencer, Lightning bolts for xandy, cut, peel excess vinyl, iron and wear - and into bed after a quick photo shoot. 

Shame they are so shy and retiring!

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