Saturday, March 23

Baking up a storm

The bitch has left the kitchen!
Baking is not my forte. While I am happy to give it a go, it is not my passion. The end result is fine, but for your own safety, just don't come near me while I am at it.

For our fabulous school cake stall cakes are provided by Prep and Grade 1 parents. With 2 I needed to do double.

Here is my lemon poppyseed cake (from a packet mix) and twice baked cookies - recipe here. 

 The second batch was chewy choc chip cookies - recipe here  and finally Humming bird cake without the walnuts recipe here. (SO EASY and YUMMY!)

Really the drama came down to bad planning. Everything cooked at a different temperatiure. The sink was already full of dirty dishes resulting from the prior impromptu fridge clean out. Every open package in the pantry decided to fall on my head. Not all at once of course - just each time I needed something. And finally - bad time mangement. I really should have started before this afternoon with a delivery time of before 5!

All that being said - they ended up looiking really good. The kids tell me the cookies taste great. Lets just cross our fingers on the cakes.
Here is an early pic of the stall complete with bunting. Looks enticing doesn't it.

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