Wednesday, March 6

Recycled Computer Chip Bracelet - tutorial

I love my new geek computer chip bracelet. Some time ago I noticed the square little chip on the edge of my printer cartridges and started saving them. They are fairly simply to pry off, but make sure you have USED the ink first because the computer doesn't like them without this chip.

 MMy little chips sat around in a little container silently increasing, waiting for a project.
 As you can see there is already a little hole at the top of each intricately designed chip - all ready to be repurposed into jewellery.


  •  tail wire and closure
  • a selection of chips
  • jump rings
  • beads

 Attach a small jump ring to each chip.

Thread your beads and chips onto the tail wire in desired order. I chose to put all the chips on the same way - there is a black dot on the other side. I chose gold seed beads and used 5 between each chip.

Once bracelet is desired length add closure. I have a bullet style screw closure which the wire was tied into as this suited the look of my bracelet. In retrospect it also could have worked on elastic as it is tricky to close.

 Wesr and enjoy! It has already proven to be a great conversation starter!

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