Thursday, March 14

She yelled and she yelled.

I do not like to yell....but some days.....In fact if I am totally honest it has been a few days lately where I have done nothing but yell.Today I was so angry and yelling that I almost cried.

We have all been tired and cranky round these parts. it has been hot - not so much hot but humid. To be covered in sweat both day and night is uncomfortable and unnatural to us. We are all sleep deprived from the hot nights.

This morning it was one of 'those' mornings. I was cross because I'd forgotten that we didn't have any food. I know its sill right, but I'd intended to get up early and duck to the shops alone and grab some fruit. But no. I was already behind schedule and surprised to find myself a modern day old mother hubbard!

Light bulb- Lunch orders. I found the price list and filled out envelopes (nope didn't even have brown bags). Money. Money? No change. Went to raid piggy bank only to discover rice (thankfully uncooked) sprayed all over lounge room. Argh!

When cleaning said rice, managed to misplace lunch order envelopes. Rewrite. Poor Xandy can see I am stressed and is trying to help. Anxious for a job I give him the exact change for each lunch order. He mixes it up. Yep there it is - the inconsequential action that caused my to unleash my tsunami of yelling. Yell at kid who wont get dressed. Yell at kid who wont get off computer. Yell at dog for well, being a dog. 

I yelled and I yelled and I yelled.

It didn't make me feel any better.

"I'm sorry" she said. And she was.

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