Wednesday, March 20

Shock, Worry - Relief

I was happily browsing in Typo. With time to wander, I laughed at the crocheted bunny ear headphones, when my phone rang.
It was a call from school.
You pretty much know from the first few words whether it is a good or bad call. A good call is they start with "Everyone is ok, we're calling to let you know..." I didn't get that today, so I started to short cut them. With Alexander on an excursion, I assumed he'd forgotten something or been left behind someone given his recent form!
It wasn't him but Benji - with dots, assumed chicken pox. While this in itself isn't too much of an issue - my immediate thoughts went to everyone else. Do my other boys have it? Who else could they have infected. What is the ramifications for Mum - who is doing both radio and chemo? She saw them on Sunday? Oh GOD!

So, I rang the doctor and thankfully got a quick appointment. I got Benj from school and came home and had to ring mum. While I didn't want to worry her, to the same token, I wanted to alert her to the potential danger and so she could be prepared should she need to do anything. It was a difficult call, and of course we were both worried. She was feeling ok today - but tired. It is hard to know what is a side effect, cancer or environmental factors. The weather changes recently have affected everyone so tiredness could be a result of that, or she had a big -active - day yesterday. That could be it. Or she could have a life threatening bout of chicken pox.

At the doctor, we got shuffled into an anti room because we were potentially contagious and the doctor saw us quickly. In next to no time she had disregarded the chicken pox and told us it was a virus. Every time I see this doctor, her diagnosis is "a virus" so she had to find a fact sheet to prove that it was in fact Four virus - in the slap face family. He doesn't have a temperature so it is not contagious. In fact she suggested he go back to school.

Huge relief. Actually that is a massive understatement.

Rang mum on the way home, and amazingly, she felt better!

Spending the afternoon with my pocky little mate who is happily entrenched on reading eggs!

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