Thursday, March 28

PTPDD- Post Traumatic Play Date Disorder

I saw this definition in the paper today and I am totally suffering. You know, sometimes you have kids over and it is a total joy. Your kids are all the better for the company. The time flies and you don't hear from anyone. Other times - like today - you know even before you walk in the front door that its all going to be hard work.

Here is a brief timeline of my 'experience'

2:30 - School finishes early. Pick up my 3 plus 1

2:45 - Other 2 kids hid from guest and host kid. Never a good sign

5:30 - Host kid in tears multiple times - obvious sign of overstaying guest.

6:00 - Agreed pick up time. Guest already packed up with shoes and all items ready to go home.

6:30 - Placating tired and hungry kids - still wondering where parent is. No dinner arranged.

6:45 - Creating text to parents - worrying if they are ok. Not sent.

6:50 - Relief. Kid picked up. Parent not apologetic nor thankful. My 3 dissolve into pile of tears and hunger

7:30 - Kids fed, bathed and in bed. Me - collapse on couch not to move again for the night.

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  1. That is awful... That parents deserves a dose of headlice. I had a similar experience on the Tuesday, but thankfully this kid lives just around the corner, and I walked her home. That was my only legal option with dealing with her.