Monday, March 18

Cranky Pants

The twins had a playdate at our place and they wanted to decorate tshirts. A quick trip to Kmart saw us with 3 long sleeve tees and I grabbed a pair of trackies for myself.

While the boys were happy decorating and deconstructing their shirts i pinterested my trackies into my own pair of cranky pants!

Heres how I did it: 

Freezer paper template cut on the silhouette in Victorian Dots font but you could cut it out with a knife.
Ironed the template onto the lower leg of the pants.
Using neon 3d fabric paint, I filled the holes
 Once the paint was dry I removed the template to reveal this:
 I was quite happy with that but I was trudging through the ironing and thought I would give it a quick press to set the paint and much to my surprise it puffed up. Even happier.
I was all set with my Cranky Pants on today to face a Monday morning school run and for a change I didn't need them. 
Maybe these are the anti cranky pants? (Note I already had my matching cranky face on instructing Xandy to take pic!)

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  1. Love! And cranky suits you- how good do you look?