Tuesday, March 5

Celebrate with Bunting Tutorial Part 1

 I was asked to make some bunting for our school fete. It is to decorate the table around our cake stall and they provided the fabric. It is really easy to make and I thought I would share how I made it .

1 metre stripe cotton
1 metre dot cotton
1 metre white (this was for backing so should actually be 2 of this fabric. I however made do)
10 metres bias tape.  You can make your own bias easily, but for convenience I purchased mine.
 Flag Template. I create one out of cardboard. 

Trace template on to fabric to maximise number of flags while keeping flag on straight of grain.

Cut  out all of your flags. I think this is the most time consuming part of all but worth the precision.

Pin  the right sides of two flags together. I put a black and a white together as you will only see the black fabrics.

Sew  with a 1/4 inch foot the two longer sides of the flag. (leave the top open to turn inside out)
 I prefer to sew off the fabric at the point (create an x as below) as this is more even.

Trim  back the seam allowances around the point of your flag as pictured below.

This ensures the point is sharp when it is right side out.

Turn  right side out making sure you push the point right out. Press the flag and stack until you are ready to sew your flags onto your bias tape. That will be in part 2.

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