Wednesday, March 13

Celebrate with Bunting Part 2

My bunting is for the cake stall at our school fair. The black and white theme will continue on to decorate the cakes - imagine how good it will look when it all comes together!

But for now here is part two of the instructions:

Iron all of your bias tape in half. Do not stretch it as you iron.

The mark the middle of your bias tape - and this will be the position for your first flag.

Open the ironed bias tape and place the top of the flag on the fold mark of the bias tape. The flag should then be sandwiched between the two halves of the tape. Pin lengthwise along this. (Make sure all of your pins face the same way as this will save loads of time when you are sewing them all in) All of the flags raw edges should be inside the bias tape and it will give you a nice neat finish - on both sides.

Now the tricky bit - the placement.  My flags are quite big - finished they are about 28cm (11 inches) long. I wanted a little space between the flags, but still fit all 33 of my flags in to my 10 meter tape.

Working from the middle (as there was an odd number) 1 decided on about a 4 cm gap. By eye this looked the best and was a good fit to the tape.

Once all the flags were spaced and pinned - again with all the pins facing the same way so I can pull them out as I sew, its back the machine for the final stitches.
I matched the threads to the black bias tape and sewed on the edge closest the the flag - away from the bias fold edge.
Again in this step, make sure you do not stretch the bias tape - particularly in the gaps between the flags.

And then hang it wherever you choose. I have pinned this on with sewing pins but I think we will use safety pins on the day.

My little old puppy had to get in the action too - at least she matches!

I have a pdf pattern of my bunting flag but am not clever enough to put it here - so email me and I can send it to you,

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