Tuesday, March 26

From the Machine - new look 6095

Today has seen a trip to Darn Cheap for some black ponte and sewing up a storm. In fact I am all done and ready for a birthday next week. I know, super organised.

After yesterdays shopping experience with K, I knew exactly what she needed for her wardrobe. A basic black dress that can be trans seasonal, dressed up or down and its stretchy and comfortable. I made it sleeveless that she could pop a cardi over the top or when it gets cooler, a skivvy top and a jacket and tights would give you extra warmth. Would also look good with a denim jacket or sleeveless showing off some jewels.

I used this pattern, New Look 6095 sleeveless and top stitched binding round the arms and neckline. I also ditched the zip as it should be easy to pull on.

What size to make was the big issue and I don't ever make to a size I make to the garments finished size. These can be seen in the picture below the garments measurements for the bust and waist and hip.

These measurements are much better at telling you how big or little a garment will end up. They vary so much between makes and designs that this is the way to make things that fit. Also to forget about the numbers of the size. There is no correlation between this number and any commercial clothes whatsoever!

For myself I will usually make a smaller top to my waist. I also tend to need to take some out of the back to the waist. then from the waist to the hip I drift up a size. Then depending on the pattern, I will drift from the hip point to my thighs or saddle bags another size.

Using these measurements, I made similar adjustments for K, just based on her body. I adjusted the size according to her body, and ran it is a little at the bottom. Where I need an aline to hide my bum, she looks better in a straighter style. Now just to hope it fits. 

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