Wednesday, January 4

Big Squirrel Birthday

Another birthday - why is it they come around so quickly when you are old, but when you are little they seem to take forever? The boys were all very excited and slept with their handmade cards under their pillows and raced in with them as soon as they woke up.
Alexander was very proud to give him the book that he bought with his own money. So sweet - he found the present he wanted and then proudly marched to the counter, pulled out his wallet and paid the money. I think he was quite nervous but the sales assistant didn't pick it. Dad liked it so he was so happy.
We spent the day travelling around, watching kite surfers on the beach. The cake as per request was a jaffa fudge cake. The icing was meant to be a gateau style but it was a touch more fluid - the jaffas kept rolling off with the tide. It was yummy but terribly rich.
WE celebrated with family and a couple of friends at the local pub and I think the big squirrel enjoyed his day. Happy Birthday sweetie.

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