Wednesday, January 18


As you can imagine after yesterday, we are all a bit over ourselves and lying around today taking it easy. Alexander has been playing with his new things - pouring over science books but he pulled out this great game that will surely be a favourite. It is called Labyrinth and is a board game by Ravensburger. Essentially it is a strategy game where you need to collect treasure in the maze - but the maze moves each turn. Some pieces are fixed which makes it extra tricky. We played it with 2 of us, but you can play up to four.
There is no reading required so I think the twins could also play - but it does take strategy and the ability to see patterns and paths - both for where you want to go and where you want to stop your opponent from going. This is the kind of game anyone can win - and it does make it hard to cheat to let the kids win, which I think is a good thing too. Highly recommend.

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