Monday, January 16


We had a play date at our place today. It was a little longer than planned and that was ok because I was prepared. You know some kids you don't notice when they are over - in some cases it can even be easier to have extra kids. Well, this isn't one of those.
We picked up our visitor after a productive trip to spotlight (yes - I took 3 boys to spotlight!) where I picked up these...
painting sets of Wall E with a square canvas, and the paint pallet and brush included. I know that they're Wall E and no one really cares about him - but each one was only $1. How brilliant is that. For the peace and quiet it bought me it was worth much more.All the boys sat for a considerable period of time and happily painted away. What was great is that everybody had their own interpretation of the paintingAnd I was happy to let them go for it.They were all so happy with the results.
And I was happy that they all played together in a very civilised manner. It made it seem easy!

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