Monday, January 23


In a sea of green bags at school it is important to be able to identify yours. This is even true when there are three in the car. To combat this I have had this idea tumbling around in my head for a while
With my favourite material of the moment - vinyl I was simply going to do this on the embroidery machine - but 2 layers of vinyl, it does not like, so I had to defer to more manual methods.
I printed out the kids initials from the computer and literally traced them onto the vinyl. Witht the black I left the paper on and sewed through it. I experimented with different stitches and stitch lengths, but a simple straight stitch at 2.5cm seemed the best. My freestyle sewing got better as I went along, but I have to say I wished I had named them all with straight letters - I, L T?
The finished project - a tag to hang of their school bag and a few other simple bags - and colour coded for the twins.
I bought the vinyl for lunch bags. I didn't want the commercial style insulated bags and having bought sandwich boxes decided to make my own. Essentially I wanted like a fold over paper bag style.
With the pattern made (not a ruler in sight!) I transferred this onto the vinyl and went for it. I was concerned about the wide sides folding out, so I put a little tuck in the sides.
They still need velcro but I am pretty happy with them...

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