Saturday, January 21

Getting ready....

With my little boys starting school in 2 weeks, I need to get a few things ready. I have all their books and uniforms but it is the little things - and I know from last time that these are the things that can take some time. Today I spent my time printing and ironing on labels and sewing smocks and library bags for each of them.
The boys will be in the same class this year and to help the teachers I am trying to colour code them - it will help a litlle. Spencer is red and Benji is blue.
I got this fabric from Spotlight. The gingam style print is a drill and contrast sleeves are from a lighter poplin or similar.
At our school there are quite strict rules on what the art smock can be - no plastic, no shirts, full back - which essentially means home made. There are some you can buy at school but they aren't very nice. The front is usually rubber backed curtain fabric to protect their clothes better. This time I didn't do that - drill will do. There really were no fabrics that were going to work for twins, and also to have longevity of school life. Alexander is in a pirate one which at 8 is already a little juvenile for him. Even though his is now looking way to small, it seems I have no inclination to remake him one - but more focus on the real need at this time.
I decided not to put elastic in the sleeves as I found they balloon out and end up in the paint - but instead I folded them up 3 times and did a couple of stitches. This should hold til the end of the year when no doubt they will need to be let down.
The library bags are simple drawstring with the left over fabric. I bougt 1.5m of the drill and 70cm of the plain and there was ample down the side for the bag. I appliqued this on using double sided interfacing.
They look cute here but I just know they will find a way to get dirty!!

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