Friday, January 13

Friday the 13th

Today is meant to be all about black cats and ladders etc. Round home it felt like real life Scooby Do. Low flying helicopters bussing overhead. Lots of unusual traffic - police cars, SES vehicles and news vans. The helicopters were flying so low it really felt like you could reach out and touch them. Very unnerving.
Investigations led us to believe they were looking for a missing local woman who hadn't been seen since 16 December. I don't know her or have never seen her, but still don't like things like this happening around here - my safe little pocket - my home.
As the day progressed, the news got worse. What they were searching for had been found and it was not good. It was closer than I had thought - in fact we regularly ride our bikes past the area and had no idea of its gruesome secret.

By nightfall, the news was in - a body found burried in their backyard and a husband charged.

While it is terrible, terrifying and no one wants it happening around thier backyard, my heart and thoughts go out to her children. Boys, 15 and 11. Not only have they lost their mum, but they have also lost their dad. Words fail me - I just wish them Hope.

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  1. I know what you mean Nic, I ran past the other day, like I have a thousand times over the years I've lived in the area, and now knowing the macabre details I think I'll have to change running paths. Not because it's creepy, although of course it is, but just because it is so, so sad.