Sunday, January 1

New Years Day

We always celebrate new years day - irrespective of our NYE plans. Today is oppressively hot so we headed to the relief of the cinemas - Alvin and the Chipmunks 3. Did I say it was oppressively hot - that is how 2 hours in an ice cold cinema watching the third installment of the chipmunks sounds wonderful. The boys loved it which is the main thing.
Yesterday however we had a wonderful end to 2011. First I conquered the pile of ironing that was threatening to take over like Triffids. A couple of hours of repetitive task is actually quite relaxing. Then we headed over to a party.
I think the last time that we had a formal invitation to a party on NYE was back in 2000 - or maybe when I was pregnant with Alexander so we welcomed in 2004. Either way its a long time ago. This time the kids were invited and it was a friend from Xandy's school. We had a truly lovely time and there was litterally a hoard of kids but they all played wonderfully in their back yard and we relaxed on the back porch.
Sadly we didn't make it to 12 there as the biggie was falling asleep on the couch, so we came home, tucked the kids into bed and watched fireworks on TV. It was a really nice way to ring in the new year and to know now that are kids are getting big enough to do that kind of thing. Yeah!!

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