Tuesday, January 17

BIrthday Boy

My little boy turned 8 today. Seems like I have been a mum for a really long time - I can hardly remember my BC self, but on the other hand I can't believe it all happens so quickly. I can still remember bringing him home as a little baby. Quiet snuggles on the couch. He is all arms and legs now - but still gives the best cuddles.
It was a very big day for us all. As per tradition, the day started with presents in our bed
and then we went out for breakfast.
From here the big squirrel went off to work and we picked up Xandy's BFF (his term) and we went off to the movies. The Muppets was the choice and while it was good I enjoyed it much more than them. There was a lot of reference to the 80's and old episodes which flew right over their heads but they still had fun. From there on to McDonalds for lunch. (lets not think about the nutritional value of this day) The boys had fun playing while I got ready for the evening celebration. Because his birthday is in the summer holidays, I feel I need to make a bit of an effort to celebrate as his friends aren't usually around. We had a lovely family dinner in his honour.
It was one of those really easy nights - lasagna was requested and with salad and a bit of garlic bread was not too difficult to prepare. As it was hot we ate inside and then as the evening
cooled the kids all played outside. My girlfriends with kids the same age came over and we really think of them like family - the crew of 'cousins' all outside riding bikes and having a great time just playing.
Time for songs and cake and the day draws to a close. He is a year older and has a happy celebration to remember
Oh - as a reminder to self - this is meringue on the cake instead of icing. Form peaks and spread over cooked cake (hummingbird in this case) and then browned in the oven. Yummy.

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