Wednesday, January 11


I was lying in bed, lamenting the non-existent summer. The news came on the radio - more mild weather, thunderstorms and severe storm warnings. This was not a day to go camping - even if the tent was going up in our backyard. The elements were agains us - but there was a promise made so I had to delver.
We pack up into the car and off to bunnings. The boys love the idea of a campfure- yet at most caravan parks it is prohibited so apart from Solstice they have rarely seen one. We walked the ilse with two small trolleys until we found what we were looking for. I even needed to buy wood in plastic - so terribly suburban I know, but when we got home we lit a fire.
Even the now light rain wasn't enough to deter them and we were toasting marshmellows on skewers. The sun even came out for a bit and we enjoyed sitting by the fire and playing out in the yard.
Then the other surprise - we set up the tent inside. A smaller one - with sadly no room for me, but a tent none the less. The TV was off and the sleeping bags out. Even the electricity was off. We ate sausages outside from the BBQ - the fire wasn't that reliable - and then finished the evening huddled around the picnic table playing games of uno and pass the bomb. All in all our Glamping (glamourous camping) was declared a success by all.

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