Sunday, January 15

More food?

I have such a bloated belly now that I can barely look at these photos. Seems the day has been all about food. This morning we had breakfast at McDonalds as a treat as I thought we would head out to Camberwell Market. The kids had a good play and we changed plans and headed out to Carribean Gardens instead. Little has changed there - the mushroom stands, the smells. I got what I was looking for and promptly headed for home. The boys enjoyed mango smoothies before I coerced everyone out for Mexican. Seems no one thought they liked Mexican food and I have to admit I used to feel the same way - until I was taken here. I never knew what to order and always got something yucky. Not any more. We got the banquet and all of us shared what is for 2 people. Yes there is that much food. To top it off desert is included. I knowingly ordered Death by Chocolate and Chocolate Nachos.
The kids polished off those Nachos
The big squirrel enjoyed his Death by Chocolate. He looks like he is enjoying Mexican now doesn't he. He wasn't keen to share it! They are now all converts. Alexander even said that is the best place ever!!
I had to stop Benji here - he had plans to lick the bowl. Not while we're out honey.

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