Monday, January 2

Thanks Santa

This year Santa brought a lot of lego into our house. The boys all got Lego watches and each got a decent set thanks to our Lego loving and bargain hunting friend!Benji got a big Cars 2 set and this set has really been a great start for them.
I think we waited too long to go to Lego from Duplo with Xandy (little bits and babies if I recall) so I was keen to get them into it asap. This set had lots of smaller projects - all of the cars and then Big Ben.Each of them took turns in building a car. Following instructions (with some help) and putting it together and then watching the others. There were no fights or arguments,and we were all entertained for significant amounts of time without TV intervention.The second day with some skills under their belt they took turns in building big ben and have happily been playing with the set as 'toys' now. Yeah for Lego and all the wonderful skills it is developing and the time we get to spend together.

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