Tuesday, September 16

A bit of shopping

Im responsible for the costumes for the school dance concert and thankfully there aren't too many to make this year, but I thought I'd pop over to my favourite spot to see it there was any suitable fabric. I was off to Glen Huntly Road. Darn Cheap fabrics was the first stop and I picked up some basic drill and some fabric for a birthday gift. Either side are two little shops that can't go past without a visit. Shu Mart has a range of school shoes all year round, as well as some little bargains now and then. I picked up both of these pairs for $10 each. I love a wedge and with summer coming these will be great. 

Studio Fashion is on the other side and this is where almost all of my jumpers come from. This one was full price at $45 (!) but I love the contrast. The front and sleeves are cotton knit and the back has an inverted pleat in the double georgette. Great dressy casual. 

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