Saturday, September 13


Two winners in the house today. The first was a grand finalist win.
 The kids played hard and it was a tough but really fair game and they won!! The girls have played in 14 finals between them and this is their first ever win. The smiles on all their faces tell the story.
 One of the nicest bits of the entire game was at the end when both teams joined their hands in the circle for the refs and each team. It is not every day you see this kind of display of sportsmanship but it should certainly be encouraged.

We hung around the stadium most of the day and supported our mates in their finals. All the others lost - sad face. Then we were off to our club presentation.

Spencer won coaches award for this team. He told me he would win another trophy and low and behold he did!

We finished off the evening at a friends house for a bbq dinner. There were a group of people we don't really know, but it was really lovely to be in their company - out being part of the community. 

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