Friday, September 19


Mr P and I headed out to Leflers, the leather wholesaler in Melbourne today. I wanted to make some bags and he wanted to make a watchband and repair a bag.

There is just so much to choose from its incredible and overwhelming. Its kind of set out like Bunnings, but nothing has a price on it. That means you have to commit before you purchase. I found some hardware that I wanted - D rings and the like which I was pretty sure was reasonable. Towards the end I found the remnant bin. This way I knew that each square foot was $3.50 and each piece had a sticker on it for its size. Then I knew what I was up for. 

I hit the register and my pile was up to $115 which was when I found the smaller scraps - these were $5 per kilo. Oh oh ohhhhhh! 2 kilos later, plus another big piece, I walked out of there with a box full of things and head full of ideas.

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