Friday, September 5

Made it

Today I made something. Actually made something. Its been hard because I always did that with mum and haven't been able to get moving since she's been gone. I had a special request from Alexander to make a tshirt for his mates birthday party tonight. Obviously I left it as long as I could until I simply HAD to do it, or face his wrath!

The birthday boy requested vouchers. While that is terribly practical, it is also a bit boring for the attendees, so Xandy wanted a little something extra. Birthday boy is a bit of a tech head, and has his own you tube channel and as such the tshirt design was the youtube app logo.

I stole from somewhere the image which is a very simple red and white graphic shape. I put this into the silhouette software and set up a cut file.

I cut the shape out on freezer paper which I used as a stencil. The freezer paper sticks with a hot iron, but will simply peel off when required.

I painted the required area with red fabric paint, using my finger to avoid brush marks.

Once it was dry, peeled off the stencil and tada! You tube t-shirt.

As I was time poor, I used the hairdryer to speed up the process and then iron the area before removing the stencil.

Then the image was complete and wrapped up in a little pressie. Obviously I didn't make the tshirt - I think that set me back a whole $2.

Edited to add: The pressie is still not delivered because my darling first born left the gift as someone else's house. I will have to make sure it gets to birthday boy and then find out what he thinks! Hrumph - boys. 

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