Saturday, September 6

Fathers Day Lunch cooking

Preparations have just been completed for fathers day lunch tomorrow. I am planning to serve pulled pork sliders with an asian slaw, but it is all a bit of an experiment.

I bought a boneless leg roast. I wanted shoulder but they didn't have any. Its about 2 kilos (way too much) and this time I removed all the fat of the top. I dried the meat and gave it a rub first with an asian spice and then a teriyaki marinade. I have popped it in the slow cooker on low and plan it should cook almost 18 hours. In the pot i have put about 1 cup of ginger beer, some garlic and ginger and then I poured maple syrup over the lot of it.

Last weekend we tried cooking it for the first time and used 1.25 litres of coke. It was all good, but the meat was too fatty as I hadn't cut it off. Heres hoping for  a better result tomorrow.

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