Tuesday, September 2

Bells are ringing

Take two of Alexander's gateways. I had the trip into the city scheduled for yesterday, and we did it only to find out it was today. I thought it strange that I had the date wrong- more so that I was actually early rather than forgetting it altogether, but theres been a bit going on, so bound to happen. Got in there today, a bit early thanks to yesterdays practice run - only to find out that it was right day but wrong spot! WHAT?? We found someone to deliver him, but seriously how could I be so totally stupid? Well, turns out it wasn't me. The trusty big squirrel, who'd done pick up last week had collected a letter, which he promptly lost and forgot about. It was only today, when I asked him if he'd got a letter that he remembered something about it. Not even yesterday, with an accidental trip into the city and then the rush to get Xandy back to school did this concept of a letter enter his head! Sometimes it feels like he does it on purpose. I don't think he's actually that malicious, however he is pinning a lot of things on his man flu that is annoying the pants off me. (metaphorically)

The day improved dramatically after its chaotic start. A pilates class cleared my head and opened my shoulders. Exercise has really helped and I look forward to it. Now I'm back to 2 classes a week and I really notice the difference in my body. I am trying to tone my legs so I can wear shorts in the summer. I really hope the pain is a sign that is working because my butt is killing me. Then I bounced from here to lunch with a girlfriend.

The chance to chat about things is always helpful, particularly with someone who has experienced the   loss of a parent. I think while you have both parents, you really can't appreciate the loss and now I seek advice from those people. Many of whom are at different stages - some recent, some many years ago and what I've learnt is it doesn't really get easier, you get better at managing yourself. 

I also have managed to get outside, and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Im no gardener, but have set up a bit of a garden as a place to think about mum. I have been busy weeding (understatement) and now have planted some colour, and split and replanted the abundant wild orchids that came with the house.  My mothers group girls gave me a water feature to help remember mum and that is up on the wall - where I can see it from inside and the whole area is really starting to look good. I need to stay on top of it as summer comes.

I would like to say the day finished there but we had more things to do. No basketball training, but we were off to taco bill for a break up dinner as season has finished for that particular team. Taco Bill is certainly nothing to write home about and the poor kids had to wait well over an hour for their dinner to arrive - even I could make Nachos in that time! Poor spencer missed out as he had gymnastics and of course Simon waited as long as he could to go and pick Spence up, but as soon as he was ready to leave, dinner finally arrived. Murphy's Law. 

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