Wednesday, September 3

Season 2

The twins have swimming at school at the moment. every second day they have to walk to the pool to do their lessons. I don't really know how much 'learning' is going on, but all the washing is becoming a bit of a drag and today is only day 2!!

I hit the shops with Mr P to get a few fathers day presents and came home with 2 DVD series that we've been hanging out for. The first is the second series of SMASH. I watched this on foxtel and loved it. Dad has seen the first series, but the second one took a long time to come out. There are only 2 series, the end of the second season is obviously THE END as they new when they were filming it that they weren't being renewed. It is behind the scenes of a broadway musical - some stars include Angelica Huston and Debra Messing (Will &Grace) but I loved the singing and dancing and backstage dramas.

The other series I missed so will be keen to watch. It is the second season of a show, DaVinci's Demons. The story follows Leonardo DaVini who is the ultimate renaissance man, in search of the truth. He is tortured by his own genius, his past and his own mind. While the first season begins with his art and inventions, this is quickly left behind and the story follows the power struggles, manipulation and religious righteousness of the period. I am really looking forward to watching this season. It doesn't hurt that Tom Riley who plays Leonardo is not hard to look at!

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