Sunday, September 14

The big one

Once I was done sewing a refashioned snow white costume for a (male) friend we could begin our massive day. Off to the footy presentations and then all back in the car heading for Cranbourne for the Grand Final of the Rep basketball team. I was a bit frantic as I was taking over the team manager role for the week - so I had to make sure we paid for the team sheet and didn't do anything to get disqualified.

The coach managed to get there just before the game started and we were a bit rocked by information that we couldn't play zone - or variations of it - but the others could. Not really sure what was going on there, but if it was the other teams' intention to scare us, it certainly worked. 

The boys played well but not their best. Initially in the lead, the opposition were tactically strong and worked us over. We got to within one point in the last 2 minutes, but I reckon when the boys put up about 15 attempts and none would go in, they all knew it was over. They lost by 6 points and were obviously devastated.
 WE recovered for the medal ceremony and then off to celebrate/commiserate together.
 This was the best bit of the day. These boys were literally scraped together to form a team. There were never any expectations of them, and they overcame every obstacle thrown their way in order to get to the grand final. Really a great effort and a great group of people.
 These crazy cats even decided it was warm enough for a post game swim! (It really wasn't and the pool was not heated)
 WE got to sit back and enjoy the celebrations with a glass of sparkles while the boys played touch footy and mucked around together. 

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